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Akashic Record Tarot Spread

The sacred geometry of Metatron’s cube is expressing how it is a portal to the ancient times. Using this geometry to reveal those aspects of remembering that we all wish for. Presenting keys and codes for unlocking those knowledge bubbles that are within us. Sit with the sacred geometry itself for a while, then use this spread so you can access more points of your akashic records that are waiting to be revealed. We can reclaim our memories and find our truth. Use this geometry and spread together in the way it wishes to be utilized.

The placements for this tarot spread are as follows:

  1. Who we were
  2. Who we could be
  3. What is hidden
  4. What is our truth
  5. How we can thrive
  6. How we can serve

If you have an interest in tarot and oracle spreads, you can purchase the Spread Deck through this direct link.