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Alchemy Tarot Spread

The Flipside Oracle is a double-sided oracle deck representing the dark and the light. Shadow work is one of our most powerful transformational tools. This deck assists in bringing the dark to light. In that way, it produces an alchemical effect as this ‘en’lightenment occurs.
So this new alchemy spread is designed specifically for the Flipside Oracle. Although, obviously, any tarot or oracle deck can be used to fill those placements.

The placements for this oracle spread are as follows:

Cards 1 and 2: Turning the dark to the light.

Cards 3 and 4: Seeing the light in the dark.

If you have an interest in tarot and oracle spreads, you can purchase the Spread Deck through this direct link.


Turning the dark to the light.
Grief to Confidence.

Grief is a base emotion that generates other more complex emotions. Anger, hatred, head fog… these all stem from grief. Reading these emotions to get to the point where we realize what we are feeling is really grief is a big breakthrough. Perhaps the grief is loss of a loved one, but can also be ‘loss of the old self.’ If you are transforming and growing spiritually, it is likely that your old self is fading away. We grieve for that as it is like an old friend that we always knew. So, allow confidence to step in and shine the light. The confidence that we are on the right track, that we are growing in the ways that exactly we are meant to. Confidence that we can be and do whatever we dream of.

Seeing the light in the dark.
Inner Child to Falling.

The falling sensation is like a head spin, a freefall that we are not sure will ever end. This is where we can shine the light on the love of our inner child. Those childhood times where things were out of our control. Chaotic and turbulent leads us to not knowing how to navigate everyday routine. Take that child in your arms and let them know that you can do ‘adulting’ today. That everything will be ok and you will work it all out. The falling will come to an end onto a soft fluffy cloud of confidence and forgiveness.

Feel the alchemy in these cards and words. More importantly, feel the alchemy within yourself. You have the power to do this. All the answers are there within you.

The Flipside Oracle, Tarot Cloth and Spread Deck are available to purchase from Starseed Academy.