Inner Self Tarot Spread

This spread was originally designed for the release of the Little Messages Pocket Oracle. It would now like to be seen again so it can teach us more about our inner selves. If you sense into this spread you may notice that it works through the chakra system. Root (security), Heart (love), Knowing (crown). Then the ‘keys to inner self’ are cards (or crystals!) placed around these to gain access on how to clear these chakras and bring them into alignment. Use as many key cards as you feel drawn to, as we all know there isn’t ever just one answer.

The placements for this spread are as follows:

  1. Security of self
  2. Love of self
  3. Knowing of self
  4. Keys to access the inner self.

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Security of Self

Your root chakra really needs grounding, the earth connection and rest. As the image shows, sitting with your back to a tree, or simply walking in the forest is an excellent way to do this. 

Love of Self

You are sovereign, love yourself as such. Stop listening to others, the haters, the time wasters, the jealous ones. Do your thing. Tune in enough that you know what that is. 

Knowing of Self

Well wow. Can’t make this stuff up. Cards, pendulums, white cats, basically my world. Use these tools as guides to know yourself. Ultimately, you don’t really need them (can’t believe I say that) as the answers can easily come from a gut feeling. But use them anyway as it is fun and awesome. Keys to Access the Inner Self: Warrior and Empowerment. Stand strong. Stand up for yourself and what you believe in. Be consistent, keep going. Boom.

Card deck used for example: Universal Folk Oracle by Anita Inverarity.