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Peace Tarot Spread

If there is one thing we all need right now, it is to find peace. This concept has been tugging at me for a couple of weeks now. What ways is spirit leading us to find peace? How to immerse yourself in outer and inner peace?

peace tarot spread

The placements for this spread are as follows:

  1. Divine Peace
  2. Outer Peace
  3. Inner Peace

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Example Reading

Divine Peace
4 of Wands. Celebration.

Peace comes in acceptance from spirit that you have accomplished many things. Your inner growth and outlook on life may have changed immensely. See this card and the portal it creates to enter into the path forward. Celebrate you.

Divine Peace
The Lovers.

Have peace knowing that you can be at one with another, as well as being at one with yourself. Read about the concept of oneness and see yourself as a reflection in others.

Inner Peace
Queen of Cups. Intuition.

Mastering your intuition brings much peace. It decreases the second guessing and self-doubt that may have hounded you for decades. Be the queen of intuition.

This example reading is carried out with the Field Tarot deck by Hannah Fofana.

Background information on the origins of the peace sign, from Encyclopedia Britannica.

The modern peace sign was designed by Gerald Holtom for the British Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament in 1958. The vertical line in the center represents the flag semaphore signal for the letter D, and the downward lines on either side represent the semaphore signal for the letter N. “N” and “D”, for nuclear disarmament, enclosed in a circle. Holtom also described the symbol as representing despair, with the central lines forming a human with its hands questioning at its sides against the backdrop of a white Earth.

Encyclopedia Britannica.