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Pyramid Tarot Spread

The geometry of the pyramid is well known to be able to transform energy. Once we have built ourselves a strong foundation, then really, anything is possible. So if you wish to manifest and reach higher levels of consciousness, then build your foundation first. Nothing ever stands for long on shaky ground.

The placements for this tarot spread are as follows:

  1. Strong Base
  2. Equilibrium
  3. Aim for the stars

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Example Reading

Strong Base

This whole read today is all about belief systems. So take the time to withdraw and look inwards. Take stock of what your personal beliefs are. What is limiting you, what you inherited from others? Your core beliefs should be yours alone.

The Warrior

Fight for your beliefs. As we move upwards through the pyramid, our beliefs should not be morphed or swayed by others. You don’t have to live in a battleground, but make sure you stand up for what you believe in.

Aim for the Stars

At this point, hopefully we have transmuted any self-limiting beliefs. Full of personal strength and confidence, we know what we can achieve. Now we can put in the work to get there. Stand strong on your firm foundation.

The card deck used in this example is the Threads of Fate Oracle by Blair Porter and Brit June.