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Redwood Spirit Tarot Spread

The redwood’s heartbeat. A heartbeat is the beginning of life. As the redwood puts out this beat, it encourages new life to enter the world. Redwood trees are like the ancient of days, they have been present on this Earth for hundreds, if not thousands of years. They have held their ground through it all. If anything were to understand this cycle of life, a redwood would be the one to shed us so much wisdom. Not that we even need to ask, they are connecting us to Earth on a consistent basis. Thus, they become the connection and can show us by their example other ways to connect into Mother Earth.

They are also masters at altering frequencies, bringing the aspects of harmonic modulation into play. Sensing the frequencies and what needs to be rebalanced. This is key in one of their home grounds of California for balancing out the frequencies that may bring about earthquakes. It would seem that to a certain extent they balance out some of the trembling that occurs. As their numbers lessen, they will not be able to be as impactful in this area as they once were.

So the key spiritual meanings that the redwood brings to us:

  • New beginnings
  • Connection to earth
  • Sharing of cycle wisdom
  • Harmonic modulation (balancing frequencies.)

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Example reading

Example reading with Ancestor Spirit Oracle Deck by Jade Sky.

Notice the Signs

What better way to get to a new beginning? Than stopping and quieting so much that we can hear our own heartbeat. In this way we begin to notice the signs, those that are sending us in the right direction so that ’newness’ can be found.

Connect with Animals

This is such a powerful card to come into this placement. How better to connect with the Earth and the world at large than through animals? Treat them with respect and kindness and you will get that in return from all around you. (Is it too much of a ‘go vegan’ message)?

Harmonic Modulation
Nature Spirits

The harmonic modulation is bought to us at this time by the nature spirits. They are often overlooked but are so powerful. If you are in contact with nature, know that they are around you. Sense them, enjoy the energy.