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Shaman’s Dream Oracle Spread

The Shaman’s Dream Oracle is a new oracle card deck created by Alberto Villoldo and Colette Baron-Reid. This spread is presented in the guidebook for the Shaman’s Dream. The concept of this spread is that when you have a desired outcome, sometimes you are forcing things a little too much in that direction. So it is asking you to take a step back and let the Universe play its hand too in the creation of the outcome.

The placements for this oracle spread are as follows (credit to Alberto Villoldo and Colette Baron-Reid, info comes from guidebook):

  1. Where you are now. The current environment representing your experience.
  2. Potential obstacles or assistance on your path.
  3. What is hidden that needs to be revealed.
  4. The possible outcome for the highest good.

If you have an interest in tarot and oracle spreads, you can purchase the Spread Deck through this direct link.

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example reading

an oracle spread showing cards used from the shaman dream oracle
Stars in the Sky – Limitless Possibility.

Reach for the sky, the stars and the moon. Begin to expand your dreams now you are successful in everything you create and abundance is flowing your way. Think bigger, crush those self-limiting beliefs and then think bigger again.You are stardust, you are a star from the sky.

Potential obstacles
Vanishing Mirror – Ego sublimation

The ego shatters as you appreciate your limitless aspect. In seeking limitlessness, you also come into oneness. You no longer see yourself in the mirror, but you see others and how it all integrates into being one. This goes a bit into the ethers and is hard to explain so might not make much sense.

What is hidden
A Tidy House – Clarity and Organization

Simplify and get clarity. This one is all about clarity of mind, not actual tidying up. Continue to meditate and use mindful techniques to help clear the mind junk and get the clarity you need.

Possible outcome for the highest good
Overflow. Overwhelm and Plenty.

Plenty of joy is inbound. As long as the tears flow and the emotion is released, joy will flow shortly after. Love life. Live life.