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Sri Yantra Tarot Spread

The sacred geometry of Sri Yantra highlights oneness and interconnectedness. It allows us to see that the divine essence in us is the same divine essence in another. Showing that throughout lifetimes we have been who we are now, even though in many different physical forms.
This Interconnectedness Sri Yantra Spread aims to give you an insight into how you connect in different areas in your life.

The placements for this tarot spread are as follows:

  1. You
  2. Your tribe
  3. Your environment
  4. Spirit

If you have an interest in tarot and oracle spreads, you can purchase the Spread Deck through this direct link.

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Skunk Spirit – Know Your Worth

The most important tool you can use for your spiritual growth is to be your authentic self. Know who you are. Build your self-esteem through unshakeable confidence. Believe in yourself and everything you stand for.

Your Tribe
Ant Spirit – Time to Collaborate

Why work alone when you can join forces with others? Teamwork provides exponential opportunities to explore ideas and to bring projects to fruition. Share the workload, it eases the burden.

Your Environment
Dog Spirit – Be Loyal to What you Love

A supportive environment as we surround ourselves with love and kindred spirits. Loyalty, truth and integrity matter in these cases.

Horse Spirit – Freedom Is Yours

The powerful spirit of the horse brings us freedom. Horses have a strength and resilience, whilst in balance being full of love and fun. Express these traits and see where spirit leads you.

The card deck used in this example is the Spirit Animal Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid.