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Stonehenge Tarot Spread

Stonehenge is well known for being a sacred site. A long-time gathering place on solstice and equinox. This spread was inspired by the new oracle of Anita Inverarity, the Universal Folk Oracle. This archway of stones appears in a few of these cards and just bought the energy of Stonehenge to my attention.

There was much information to be gathered by sensing into the energy of these well-placed stones. In fact, a little too much. I will go into more detail in the lower part of this post.
The main placements for this spread use the aspects of the stones of Stonehenge as being a connecting bridge. A bridge between the Earth and the sky, as the cosmic energy streams down to earth through these stones.

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Example Reading

Expansion. Ritual, dance, feast, fire.

Of course the bridge is expansion. In a way, how else can we, on earth, reach the sky but to stretch ourselves? These two distinct places reflect and mirror each other and we are often the connecting part. So we must expand. Expand to understand the sky and all the forces and how they act upon the earth. Expand our auras so they are sensitive enough, or even large enough to encompass the earth and the sky. How to do this? Through ritual, dance, feast and fire. This doesn’t exactly mean the covd ritual of feasting from the fridge. But a way to celebrate everyday who we are and what we are achieving.

Crystalline. Energy, wonder, alive, beauty.

Crystals, such a compact and beautiful form of the energy of the earth. Just as the stones of Stonehenge do, they carry a harmonic resonance for healing and expansion. Using crystals in so many areas of your life is an excellent way of connecting with the earth.

Healing. Cleanse, hydrate, dissolve, purify.

Sky and healing together brings us to cosmic light codes. This is one of the things that I sensed with the Stonehenge energy. A huge inpouring of light codes. Something that most people can tune into and receive. Just like healing energy, they come our way for many different reasons. So tune in to what these light codes are bringing to you. Integrate it. Remember it is not always a ‘woohoo I felt something’ time. Integration is a major part of it. Not to overthink it but to really let it sink in and feel what is being altered. Maybe you will see an instant outward change. Maybe it will take years. Who knows?

The Sacred Site of Stonehenge

An energy vortex of incredible power. A portal, an access point where the earth meets the sky. Cosmic overlaying onto the Earth, there is just so much energy streaming down here. A way and place by which the cosmic forces can influence and guide the inhabitants of earth. A connection to nature for many. A harmonic vibration set through the stone and its own frequency.

Why? So that people wouldn’t forget. Wouldn’t forget the magic and mystery. Something that couldn’t possibly be created. To show that everything and anything is possible. There is a possibility that telekinesis and levitation where used to get the stones and put them in place. So that ‘access point’ will remain, even when the one who could create this has gone, we can still use this access point. A crack in the veil that allows us to comprehend the worlds beyond worlds.

This magician that moved these stones had some kind of power that we can tap into. Receiving the light codes that are beaming into this site and through these stones we can perhaps feel a ‘super’ power that we can only perceive if the physical and spiritual bodies are ready for it. This site may have always received this cosmic force and the stones were set in place to amplify the intensity of what could be absorbed by the Earth.

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