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Peace Tarot Spread

If there is one thing we all need right now, it is to find peace. This concept has been tugging at me for a couple of weeks now. What ways is spirit leading us to find peace? How to immerse… Read More »Peace Tarot Spread

Sri Yantra Tarot Spread

The sacred geometry of Sri Yantra highlights oneness and interconnectedness. It allows us to see that the divine essence in us is the same divine essence in another. Showing that throughout lifetimes we have been who we are now, even… Read More »Sri Yantra Tarot Spread

Pyramid Tarot Spread

The geometry of the pyramid is well known to be able to transform energy. Once we have built ourselves a strong foundation, then really, anything is possible. So if you wish to manifest and reach higher levels of consciousness, then… Read More »Pyramid Tarot Spread

Inner Self Tarot Spread

This spread was originally designed for the release of the Little Messages Pocket Oracle. It would now like to be seen again so it can teach us more about our inner selves. If you sense into this spread you may… Read More »Inner Self Tarot Spread

Soul Discovery Spread

This spread is created to inspire you to discover the true core of your soul. You have created your own Mystic Journey before you incarnated. Following this path will only allow you to resonate higher and be at peace as… Read More »Soul Discovery Spread

Akashic Record Tarot Spread

The sacred geometry of Metatron’s cube is expressing how it is a portal to the ancient times. Using this geometry to reveal those aspects of remembering that we all wish for. Presenting keys and codes for unlocking those knowledge bubbles… Read More »Akashic Record Tarot Spread

Stonehenge Tarot Spread

Stonehenge is well known for being a sacred site. A long-time gathering place on solstice and equinox. This spread was inspired by the new oracle of Anita Inverarity, the Universal Folk Oracle. This archway of stones appears in a few… Read More »Stonehenge Tarot Spread

Alchemy Tarot Spread

The Flipside Oracle is a double-sided oracle deck representing the dark and the light. Shadow work is one of our most powerful transformational tools. This deck assists in bringing the dark to light. In that way, it produces an alchemical… Read More »Alchemy Tarot Spread